Archived. 7 comments. 2019 in the Skam universe. Most popular Most recent. I might be reading a little too much into it, but perhaps that means we might be getting our S3 this year, which is great! They left out the entire plot about her dad leaving and her mum having a breakdown in S1, so will that even be part of the story if she’s the lead? After We Collided nabbed the #1 spot in our top trailers of 2020. TV show. but they seemed kinda nice together during the last clip, so i dunno :), I really liked that they gave Jo more depth. What are your thoughts? BUT the last clip threw us a curveball, withTyler being shown with green nail polish. And I want to see it happening from his POV.. maybe they're doing a double season.. with alternating weeks.. (one week shay, one week tyler, and so forth..) but I'm not sure if that won't ruin the flow or something? If that’s the case I’d be all for it, because it’s an extremely important issue. I also wouldn’t mind if Eve became Shay’s love interest. Now on to season 3..I'm still pretty sure it's going to follow Shay (as our Isak). I think sometimes its good jto just have silence drag one and see the characters going really mundane things and see them going through itTM. While to Megan, it may have just been a drunken kiss, to Shay it must have been so confusing and heartbreaking, as well as made her doubt her worth even more. Link. i really wanna see shay as the protagonist of season 3, and i don't think that rules out character development for megan or tyler. I love your idea of paralleling him with Shay- him being out and more proud but realizing that not everyone else is that way (including Shay and the person he is hooking up with) and how he grapples with that. I'd love to see an Even that doesn't turn out to have a huge ass secret but only wants to be with Shay - that would be refreshing actually. I hope it comes out in the fall, but because of the slow rollout of this season I'm thinking we may have to wait a year again...which would be disappointing, as it would be the last semester they have in high school (unless they somehow moved it to college)? Grid View List View. meet ila, the season 3 main of this series. Roughly when do you think the next season will be out? 42 notes. Um, thank you. I really like her character though and I would love to see the contrast of her journey against Shay. SKAM Austin Week 1. you'll learn more about her home life and some of the issues she struggles with, as well as getting to meet her very own even. Hjelp. I know people have concerns about their age gap, and I'll definitely have to get clarification on that before I decide whether to ship (before anyone attacks me, I def don't condone any illegal relationships and have the same concerns). So Grace's season is over...I have to say, the first half was pretty slow and the short clips frustrating, but the second half pleasantly surprised me. Add to Watchlist. I always liked the idea of female Isak though. Previous All Episodes (20) Next Add a Plot » Added to Watchlist. 51:30. I agree with most people on here! You have such a positive point of view, such a clear voice. Plus, I noticed that Eve had a throwaway line in one of the clips, where she said to Grace “you need to get some sleep...that’s what you always tell me when I’m going through it.” I’ve been wondering ever since if that’s a reference to Eve perhaps having struggled with anxiety and/or depression in the past? Music Player Skaym Norway; Music Player Skam France; Music Player Skam NL ; Music Player Skam Spain; Music Player Skam WT Fock; Music Player Skam Druck; Music Player Skam Swedish Eagles; Music Player Skam Italy; Music Player Skam Austin; Other Series . I'm really interested to see how these storylines progress, though Megan's is probably the only one that will be significant if Shay has her season next. And Tyler and SHay being such good friends it would make sense to have them run parallel storylines. Does this mean he's somehow xxtrinity2121? Grace is not at all interested in Daniel. Watch all of Episode 3 of the new series SKAM Austin or follow daily for new videos, chats and Instagrams. Some other notable standouts from the clip (spoilers): Also wanted to point out Jo's little could have been a cute throwaway moment, but there's also potential to have a storyline about the dangers or even positives of online dating or having an online presence. 10. Skam Austin sigue el mismo formato que la serie original al lanzar clips cortos a lo largo de la semana, acompañados de mensajes de texto publicados en la página de Facebook y publicaciones de Instagram de los personajes. I'm realy hoping they give season 3 to Shay for that exact reason. If you say that they did not conquer you - you tell lies. 3. Video. Photo. Just caught up with the last 5 episodes and oh my I actually enjoyed it. Season 1 | Episode 9. SKAM Austin follows the lives of students at Bouldin High. share. The actress who plays Grace, Kennedy confirmed on her Instagram live that Austin season 3 is not happening. FBI Agent watching me cry over another episode from the same story in a different language for the 47523th time: shootingxsstarr . Or if it might break away from that, and she’ll still be living at home with her parents? SKAM Austin follows the lives of students at Bouldin High. Rocco Fasano, 27 Niccolo Fares. Music Player Skaym Norway; Music Player Skam France; Music Player Skam NL ... Blank Norwegian Series; About; Skam Season 1 Episode Eva . Shay's spam account already gives insight into how much Megan's actions have impacted her....she was clearly very affected by Megan just kissing her like that. With Giovanni Niubo, Julie Rocha, Kennedy Hermansen, Shelby Surdam. Ver SKAM AUSTIN subtitulado al español S01E01 - bettyblair81 en Dailymotion Om kjærleik, draumar, rivalisering og ishockey. He also had the last scene with Grace, and their awkward conversation after barely speaking in both seasons is odd if it doesn't amount to anything. It really completed skam og like a puzzle piece. TV Show Premiered on March 29 #2. GOod catch and could totally be about being with someone who can't or doesn't want to come out. SKAM Austin. Reblog. It was so good. But Daniel starts to fall for her. Judging by the fact that he was the only one who knew about Shay's spam account, he will definitely have a huge presence in her season. The actress who plays Grace, Kennedy confirmed on her Instagram live that Austin season 3 is not happening. But I'm-- I'm a junior though. I also would like to see him grow closer to Grace- it's be a nice way to still keep the Austin girl gang in the season a bit. Now, i don't know anymore. man, i was so shocked at the last scene. The fifth season introduces an new cast, while focusing on Nora. I think we will get a Shay season, and she will be our Isak. Wow. PLEASE READ! So sad.. so much potential.. one of the best remakes. See which other trailers racked up the views this year. The essay is due in two weeks. i loved watching grace and daniel's love story these past two seasons. This entire series I've been rooting for Shay for season 3 because the media needs more lesbian representation, but since that clip where Tyler was kind to Grace when Shay was upset with her I've started to see him as a character which could have a lot more development in the next season. I always liked the idea of female Isak though. However, since SKAM Austin first premiered last year, there has been much speculation that the show has gender-swapped the character based on Isak for SKAM Austin and that Season 3 … He looked like he was close to crying. Etter kort tid er han tilbake. highkey gasped at the very last season and the green nail polish reveal. A diferencia de la serie original, no tiene una página web sino que los clips y episodios son publicados en su página de Facebook oficial. Unlike the original series there is no offical website, only an offical Facebook page where the episodes and Clips are uploaded. I was SO pumped to see a season for Shay and Tyler... i think scam austin should have a season 3 soooo many question are still unanswered and i was looking forward to the journey of grace and daniel and i want to see where there relationship would take them and they should have a love triangle that would be really good and lots of drama take it under suggestion. They do that very well in general - you never feel like you are leaving anyones development behind. 3,824 notes. Det oppstod en feil under lasting av mediainnholdets metadata. drunkondruck . KELSEY: Hey, it's actually not that hard, right? SKAM Austin Episode Guide. Reblog. skam austin season 3 < > Most recent. SO good. La serie è il remake dell'omonima serie norvegese iniziata nel 2015 e conclusa nel 2017. Season 1 guide for SKAM Austin TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Season 1 | Episode 9. Skam Sweden Worldwide __ Home; Episode Skam Italy; Season 3 Episode 1; Season 3 Episode 1 . Skam Autin es la versión estadounidense de la serie noruega Skam. Created by Julie Andem. SKAM Austin is the American adaptation of SKAM that “airs” on Facebook Watch. Could take elements from OG Even's storyline but still go its own way. However, since SKAM Austin first premiered last year, there has been much speculation that the show has gender-swapped the character based on Isak for SKAM Austin and that Season 3 … the next episodes are up at the same time as these! Unfollow. Also I just want Tyler and Grace to be super close. [Megan] Guys suck ass. July 25, 2018 by RenewCancelTV Leave a Comment Facebook Watch has renewed Skam Austin for Season 2, to release in 2019. I still want it to be Shay's season both for the significance it will bring, and also because I have a soft spot for her, but after today's clip I'm interested in seeing what role Tyler will play. skam austin's channel, the place to watch all videos, playlists, and live streams by skam austin on Dailymotion Season 1 Eva . the last clip made it very interesting for me! [CHUCKLES] What? Follow. Uh, yeah, it was pretty easy. in honour of everyone graduating in druck thought i’d share my graduation cap. Wanna see more of them together..!!! Close. skam austin shay dixon us!even skam austin season 3 austeven. The story deals with Isak's sexuality, as well as his relationship with Even Bech Næsheim. Audio. Nora and Alejandro started dating before events of Season 3. I really hope there would be a season 3, and that it premiere in the fall. Totally agree that Eve would make a great love interest! La serie è il remake dell'omonima serie norvegese iniziata nel 2015 e conclusa nel 2017. Fair Use Act Disclaimer. with a more diverse cast and a few extra characters (we stan Poonam). Skam Austin è una serie televisiva americana adolescenziale del 2018 creata da Julie Andem e Sarah Heyward. Seasons 1 and 2 available now. I can totally see Tyler getting the mental health storyline while Shay struggles with her sexuality and internalized homophobia. #970. I honestly think them coming back after a year, really hurt them. See which other trailers racked up the views this year. Tyler could even possibly function as Shay's gay guru ;). also curious where her relationship with Damien is gonna go.. they seemed really nice together :). All of Skam, the original Norwegian series. Update: Kennedy Hermansen (the actress who played Grace) mentioned in an Instagram comment that she can't wait to start "eating tacos" again with the actor who plays Daniel in the fall. La segunda temporada comenzó a ser emitida el 22 de marzo de 2019. We never got that from Chris in the OG, so more Jo in the future is what I want to continue seeing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Skam Austin; Skam Sweden Articles; Skam Music Playlist . She looks cute with Damien so we'll see how that goes! It could also look at how being in the closet can have a severe impact on mental health - Shay will have to go on a journey coming out about herself and her relationship with (possibly) Eve, and it seems like Tyler is hooking up with a guy who is not out (and has a girlfriend) and Tyler is hiding his identity from Grace for that reason. But Daniel starts to fall for her. Text. save. Skam TV Show #5. Boost Cast. Season 3, Episode 8 titled Mannen i mitt liv (English: The man of my dreams) is the thirty-first episode of Skam over-all 1 Summary 2 Content 2.1 Clips 2.2 Texts 2.3 Social Media 3 Cast 4 Quotes 5 Multimedia 5.1 Music 5.2 Images 6 Notes and Trivia 7 Errors 8 See Also 9 References Isak's father wants Isak to go to a church concert with him and his mother. Your 10-minute break starts now. Easter eggs/References to Skam OG. Home Top Box Office Tickets & Showtimes ... SKAM Austin: Season 2. TV show. I'm also super happy about the whole Damien thing but I've always had a soft spot for the pen Chris/Jo character and I think they could do a lot more with fem Jo's character. Norsk dramaserie. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Which totally affects the entire pacing of the show but not in a bad way. 288 talking about this. I still want Shay to get her shine, but I genuinely have no idea how things will go, and I find that so exciting! Unfollow. I feel like he kind of puts up a front to be very assured and ready to snap back at any moment, but if he is indeed xxtrinity2121, then he definitely has a lot of his own issues that he is struggling with. An American version of the acclaimed and innovative Norwegian youth series Skam, which follows a group of teenagers in their everyday life of school, love and leisure time. report. i’m wondering if we might get our first double season of the skam universe?? Movie. I’d like to see Shay as the main character of S3, with the plot following her falling in love with a girl, coming to terms with her sexuality and dealing with internalised homophobia. I'm excited for Shay's season. But then having that reveal with Tyler makes me think they'll probably run a couple storylines parallel. That's still definitely blurring the lines though so we'll have to see. But I think Tyler will play a huge role in the season too, and parts of the Even mental health storyline might be given to him. Quote. SKAM Austin Week 1. This time maybe in a platform that would bring in more American teen viewers. Seasons 1 and 2 available now. SKAM Italia Fans Also Viewed SKAM Austin. I always thought it wasn’t a good idea to put Skam Austin on Facebook Watch because most people born after 2002 probably don’t have a Facebook account. Svensk ungdomsserie. Not every lesbian wants you, Megan. I absolutely loved today's clip. i totally didn't see that coming! SKAM Austin. SKAM Austin is the American adaptation of SKAM that “airs” on Facebook Watch. No please,rant on! but now I'm also kinda hoping for a Tyler season. Their relationship online vs. irl is so interesting to me and I loved following those conversations. FOOTBALL: FIFA World Cup: Hand of God - Maradona's defining moment. Season 3. I just love how different this remake is and how it’s keeping me guessing - it’s really exciting not knowing exactly what’s going to come next! I love all of your thoughts, I feel like I rarely see people discuss Skam Austin in depth (at-least compared to the other versions), I really hope more people start to watch it! The original SKAM protagonists still feature but with different names (season one follows Megan, who is the US equivalent of Eva) and the plot hasn't changed. 1. episode. oh man I totally didn't connect the dots there with trinity talking about Graham or whatever his name was. Love is in the air. PS, don't forget you can get early, full uncut reactions on Patreon! Love that they have added depth to her and showed her being more open with dating, she seems to be more easygoing with relationships than her friends, but still unsure of herself like any teen. Unique Skam Season 3 Posters designed and sold by artists. I feel like Eve is not much older than them- it seems like instead of being in college, she's working or at home most of the time, which might make her only a year or two older than Grace and her friends. Click on the blue links to read reviews of the episode! Hoping this remake starts to get more love, at-least in the skam fandom! [BIRDS CHIRPING] TEST MODERATOR: Pencils down. XIX Entertainment is the production company that got the production rights from NRK, so depending on what their distribution contract with Facebook looks like, they could go to another distributor and have them fund the production of season 3, using the same actors, etc. View production, box office, & company info The 20 Most-Viewed Trailers of 2020. so, I'm really glad they're giving Jo the depth that OG Chris definitely deserved! i wasn't too convinced by SKAM Austin during the first season and pretty much the first half of the second one.. it was my least favourite remake of the ones i am watching (Druck, Austin, NL, wtFock). Network TIMvision Genre Drama #970. I could see those two stories paralleling each other nicely - the person struggling to come out, and the person struggling being in a relationship with someone who is not out. After We Collided nabbed the #1 spot in our top trailers of 2020. skam wtfock skam france skam fr skam italia druck skam españa skam austin skam nl wtfock season 3 robbe and sander robbe x sander lucas x eliott elu skamfr s3 martino x niccolò eliott x lucas sander x robbe. I wanna be brave like my friend Zoya. If Shay is the main for S3 - given her close relationship with Tyler and potential relationship with Eve - I wouldn’t be surprised if Skam Austin decides to look at how prevalent mental health concerns are for young LGBTQI+ people, as a theme. SKAM. PLEASE READ! I wonder if Facebook Watch is the only platform that has the rights to make an American remake because I would love for there to be another American remake. Watch full episodes of SKAM Austin and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at beinsports-hk. Blank. Thereforeeeee I have this huge huge suspicion that Eve will be the love interest rather than the Eskild stand in (though a lesbian Eskild would be.... wild and amazing honestly) That chemistry between her and Shay in the last clip was so cute. They can smell fear. I can totally see a Shay season happening - that moment with Eve was sort of liket he Isak seeing Even for the first time kind of moment. Add to Watchlist. Previous All Episodes (20) Next Add a Plot » Added to Watchlist.