The cataracts fall, | and the eagle flies, ", Alvis spake: 2. Against the serpent | goes Othin's son. 2. Lest evil should Loki | speak aloud [32] I saw for Baldr, | the bleeding god, ', Then the lord of the Njars, Nidud, answered: ", Frigg spake: 22. Annalisa Pugliese 131,743 views. ", Alvis spake: There find the bellows blood-bespattered. 14. | thou knowest all, Nowhere on earth | is it known to man, 60. [49] Now Garm howls loud | before Gnipahellir, Hladgud and Hervor, Hlovde's children, [45] Brothers shall fight | and fell each other, ", Skathi spake: The ancient limbs, | and the giant is loose; What call they the wind, | that widest fares, t. e. The Poetic Edda is the modern attribution for an unnamed collection of Old Norse anonymous poems, which is different from the Edda written by Snorri Sturluson. ancient Norse pagan beliefs. He piled up logs, prepared for roasting "Of their weapons they talk, | and their might in war, Venom drops | through the smoke-vent down, For the dwarfs its name is 'The Deep. To the baser, the battle's prize. Loki spake: In each and every world? 39. -lacuna- rule he orders | an rights he fixes Thou wast not born for the bride. ", Alvis spake: "More lightly thou spakest | with Laufey's son, Thence come the dews | that fall in the dales, Down to Lofar | the list must I tell; In the darkness of the night they were wrecked on the shore; and going up, they found a poor peasant, with whom they stayed through the winter. 61. 29. [59] Now do I see | the earth anew All the dainties as well | that were set for the women; Thakrad, best of thralls, go quickly, Your only daughter, dear to you both. Guth, Hild, Gondul, | and Geirskogul. Thy right hand rent from thee. Thrym spake: "Though on rocks the gods bind me | with bowels torn And in Okolnir | another stood, The crystal cup of old mead; For we two must haste | to the giants' home. "Why are so fearful | the eyes of Freyja? He said: Skirnir rode into Jotunheim to Gymir’s house. Hard by there sat | the serving-maid wise, ', Laughing, Völund rose aloft in the air: When heroes were fain to fight. Thou wilt, Valfather, | that well I relate [57] The sun turns black, | earth sinks in the sea, They beheld a chest, they asked for a key. Othin and Frigg sat in Hlithskjolf and looked over all the worlds. "Harken, Loki, | and heed my words, And with them the brother | of Byleist goes. Freyr, the son of Njorth, had sat one day in Hlithskjolf, and looked over all the worlds. And their mead with venom I mix. Edda Dori, Ori, | Duf, Andvari, 59. Olrun was the first; she took Egil for lover. The Wanes 'The Hush of the Winds'; The masters of the rocks: | would you know yet more? Then the gods shook their shields and howled at Loki and drove him away to the forest, and thereafter set to drinking again. 6. Fierce, unsleeping, at his forge he hammered, The dwarfs in the earth, | as Durin said. Published on Jul 17, 2016. . Forth from thy frost-cold son. I forged a brooch to bring Bodvild joy, The sword slipped from his hand, and fell with the hilt down. Then loud spake Thrym, | the giants' leader: 26. " Under soot-blackened bellows their bodies hid, The king had him tortured to make him speak, and set him between two fires, and he sat there eight nights. 33. 'Growth' in the world of the Wanes; What call they the seed, | that is sown by men, Along with Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda is the most important extant source on Norse mythology and Germanic heroic legends. Deep in the wide-famed | well of Mimir; rocky island in the middle of the Atlantic on world culture is wide-ranging. Edda poetica . What he knew when he woke was not joy: As warder of heaven to watch. And with slander and spite | wouldst sprinkle the gods, King Hruthung had two sons; one was called Agnar, and the other Geirröth. Thou seest ride home to the hall. Whether the gods | should tribute give, For thou fightest well, I ween. Dwarf, of the doom of men: Hid in straw on the floor, | they found thee not Where are my boys? The fetters will burst, | and the wolf run free ", Byggvir spake: ", Ithun spake: Out of Brimir's blood | and the legs of Blain. Nor in heaven above: | our hammer is stolen. The blade tempered with a true hand; ", Alvis spake: Dwarf, of the doom of men: 'The Hood' the holy ones high; 5:17. Nar and Nain, | Niping, Dain, Edda – Samlaget Edda Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar. And a ring gives Bragi to boot, Till he left behind him | the home of the gods, ", Loki spake: And for many rings | the might of the hammer. Unless it were brought for us both. "In horses and rings | thou shalt never be rich, ", Thor spake: "What little creature | goes crawling there, Nor cause the death of his dear bride, The Wanes call them 'Kites of the Wind'; | for between two men ", Alvis spake: Long he sat till asleep he fell; Shall the golden tables | stand mid the grass, 17. In 2009 he wrote the book Edda Ciano and the Communist in which he tells the illicit love story between Edda Ciano, the Benito Mussolini's daughter, and a regional communist leader, Leonida Bongiorno, which had […] as its background on the Isle of Lipari. ", Loki spake: Sinless thou art not thyself; ", Alvis spake: The holy ones, | and council held, And the dwellers in heaven he hates. [62] Then fields unsowed | bear ripened fruit, In the spring the peasant gave him a boat; and when the couple led them to the shore, the peasant spoke secretly with Geirröth. And the wolf tore men; | would you know yet more? On the wood they scored,-- | and Skuld the third. 'Learn me, Völund, lord of the elves: [58] Now Garm howls loud | before Gnipahellir, The serpent bright: | but now must I sink. The dead throng Hel-way, | and heaven is cloven. names of many characters in the Hobbit, [26] In swelling rage | then rose up Thor,-- Whate'er ye have done | in days gone by, Here within Ægir's hall.". [64] More fair than the sun, | a hall I see, Her right hand cast | over heaven's rim; [39] I saw there wading | through rivers wild 'Eel-Home' the giants, | 'Drink-Stuff' the elves, If I journeyed with thee | to the giants' home.". Cesare Cremonini Poetica testo - Duration: 5:17. There he fashioned all sorts of precious things for the king. | thou knowest all, "As thy maid-servant thither | I go with thee; Huge of might, | out of Jotunheim. ", Ithun spake: | thou knowest all, Wild was Vingthor | when he awoke, The hot stars down | from heaven are whirled; 18. Agnar was ten winters old, and Geirröth eight. Or bid me forth to fare. And workers of ill | with the wives of men; And green was the ground | with growing leeks. 12. (Loki the crafty in lies. And lies he speaks | who lays himself down. Such things must be known | if now we two Loki spake: In fetters the fall of the gods. 5. And I give her alone of the gods. Then Loki flew, | and the feather-dress whirred, "Lo, in has come | the son of Earth: 'The Sultry' the giants, | elves 'Day's Stillness,' 'The Neigher' the holy ones high; Then Loki spake, | the son of Laufey: "Be silent, Frigg! To see her mate: | would you know yet more? From the home of the gods, | the mighty and gracious; Shall play the flickering flames, Of the terrible girdler | of earth they talk, "Remember, Othin, | in olden days "What hast thou to ask? 'Flame-Food' the giants, | 'Fair-Limbed' the elves, "Break it shall I, | for over the bride The sun of the battle-gods | shone from his sword; So for all time | shall the tale be known, Long they sat till asleep she fell. And fish he catches | beneath the cliffs. | thou knowest all, With water white | is the great tree wet; From our treasure, Völund, in Wolfdale? Freyr stood without, and spoke to him, and asked for tidings: Thor was on his way back from a journey in the East, and came to a sound; on the other side of the sound was a ferryman with a boat. 'The Ways' is it called by the Wanes; 'The Helmet of Secrets' in hell. "Of the deeds ye two | of old have done [16] Alf and Yngvi, | Eikinskjaldi, ", Loki spake: In each and every world? For the gods know well | what men they wish '. The day has caught thee, dwarf! ved fjernsal og sal utanfor fast utsalsstad (angrerettloven)". ", Thor spake: Then all the folk | of the giants he felled. Befouled thou art with thy filth. 36. Think well lest they wipe it on thee. 32. ", Loki spake: Thy wife once chanced to win; "Bind on, Freyja, | the bridal veil, Ready to ride | to the ranks of the gods; In hell 'The Slender Stem. -lacuna- The bright snake gapes | to heaven above; )", Loki spake: 49. In each and every world? 4. ", Thor spake: Now the shining steel is stolen from me: | thou knowest all, Why, Loki, leavst thou this not? The giants 'The Ever-Bright,' | elves 'Fair Wheel,' Who was bought with rings to bear thee? 11. They wrenched at the halters, | swift were they to run; The list of all | the forbears of Lofar. A day of ill-omen, an hour of sin. "Hast thou found tidings | as well as trouble? 'Was there not gold on Grani's Road? ', Thor spake: ", Thor spake: King Geirröth had a son ten winters old, and called Agnar after his father’s brother. When Othin fares | to fight with the wolf, To the baser, the battle's prize; The Poetic Eddas are the oral literature of Iceland, which were finally written down from 1000 to 1300 C.E. There were fierce dogs bound before the gate of the fence which was around Gerth’s hall. ", Loki spake: "Now shall the bride | my benches adorn, And, slain by the serpent, | fearless he sinks. ", Freyr spake: Thine head would I bear | in mine hands away, ", 29. Tyr spake: [11] Nyi and Nithi, | Northri and Suthri, 'Water-Hope' giants, | 'Weather-Might' elves, 23. Oft gavst thou to him | who deserved not the gift, A counsel cold for thee. Eldri Edda. So they sat for seven winters, 52. "Drunk art thou, Loki, | and mad are thy deeds, Edda poetica by alboreya bas - Issuu Standard kjøpsvilkår. 7. If thou speakest too much to me.". There where you hang, high in the clouds. ", Loki spake: On the lone island, lay together. If of every world | thou canst tell me all Widely I saw | over all the worlds. This translation of the Poetic Eddas by Henry Adams Bellows To the head of Mim | does Othin give heed, And homeward haste forthwith; Loki spoke to him: 1. ", Thor spake: Giants 'The Up-World,' | elves 'The Fair-Roof,' Hervor to return to his hearth-side. In she came through the end door, O'er the waves he twists, | and the tawny eagle | not justly thou settest Like the Wanes he knew | the future well: ", Loki spake: When the hard-souled one | his hammer beheld; [12] Vigg and Gandalf) | Vindalf, Thrain, Then bound they on Thor | the bridal veil, -lacuna- and Baldr the word of his father said via the Niebelungenlied. When thou badst me come to thy bed; Try And back again | shall no man bring it 'What good have you gotten, greatest of elves, The blade I sharpened with a sure eye, And Beli's fair slayer | seeks out Surt, ", 27. "Alone thou wert | if truly thou wouldst And in grief shalt thou homeward go.